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Article: Once You Enter Jannah, You Will Forget The Difficulties Of This Life by Abu Ismaa'eel Mustafa George

Written by mpubs.org manager 2. Posted in Raqaa'iq

logo redOur noble brother Abū Ismā’īl Mustafa George (حفظه الله) compiled a beautiful article regarding being patient upon the difficulties and trials faced in this life. This short reminder offers solace to the believer and soothes the troubled soul with the āyāt of our Lord and aḥādīth of our beloved Messenger (صلى الله عليه وسلم), which assure us that these afflictions will not last forever and would be compensated with eternal bliss in the Hereafter.

An excerpt taken from the article ~ 

"This ḥadīth is an excellent reminder for our brothers and sisters who are constantly distressed by the trials of this life. A reminder that their hardships will one day ease and be forgotten; that for the sincere believer there will come a time when suffering and adversity will be replaced with the sweet taste of Paradise which Allāh has promised those who believe in Him and die upon Tawḥīd."