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Article: Why Does A Caucasian Student of Knowledge Refute the Nation of Islam? by Abu Ismaʿeel Mustafa George DeBerry

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The racist bigot, Shadīd Muḥammad made a preposterous and utterly disturbing statement which he regurgitated on social media against our noble brother Mūsá Richardson stating, “Why are you writing a refutation on the Nation of Islām, why don't you write a refutation on white supremacy?” Our brother Abū Ismaʿīl Muṣṭafá George rebuts this racially motivated speech, highlighting the many facets of of the fundamentals of Islām that Shadīd violates

Pivotal Quote

Shaykh Zayd continued to explain:

“Indeed, those who have been afflicted with the disease of partisanship and bigotry, are often found agreeing with their heads and leaders in truth and in falsehood. It is a clear and major error for a person to agree with a group or individual whether he is correct or incorrect. Rather, it is mandatory upon him to strictly adhere to the truth, and then follow its people. As for what is incorrect, it is mandatory upon him to reject it, detest it, and fight its people so that they accept the truth and act upon it, in addition to them detesting falsehood and rejecting it.”

Article: A Person’s Silence In Time When Clarification Is Needed Is Considered His Approval and Clarification - A Response To The Deceptive Misquotation of Abu ʿAliyah and Those With Him by Abu Ismaʿeel Mustafa George DeBerry

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logo redOur brother Abū Ismaʿīl Muṣṭafá George responds to the deceit of Abū ʿĀliyah Lamont Battle and his students who erroneously claim there is Ijmā (consensus) that silence does not indicate approval, nor does it negate it. They conveniently omit the rest of the principle that specify instances where a person's silence in time when clarity is needed does, in fact, indicate his approval or dissaproval, as the case may be.

Pivotal Quote

 Shaykh ʿAbd al-Raḥmān as- Ṣa ʿidī (died 1376H.) stated in his summarized treatise on fiqh principles:

“Principle number 11: An opinion is not attributed to a silent person, except if that person remains silent at the time where clarification is sought. 


Article: The Callers To Falsehood Create a Divide Between The Scholars and The Common Folk by Ash Shaykh al ʿAllaamah ʿAbdullah ibn Muhammad ibn Humayd

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The following concise excerpt by the noble Shaykh al ʿAllāmah ʿAbdAllāh ibn Muḥammad ibn Ḥumayd (رحمه لله) highlights the plot of the colonists, and those that followed in their footsteps from the people of innovation and those affected by them, to separate the common people from the scholars.

Unfortunately, we see this strategic, age-old tactic reemployed today in a new repackaged and beautified form that attempts to make it more palatable for the common folk. These satanic doubts are presented to the average Muslim in an idealist manner appealing to underlying, unresolved grievances with the society and their past, like racial discriminant and alienation.

This translated excerpt is a timely clarification of the devious plots that the people of the Sunnah should be cognizant of, in order to protect themselves and the average unsuspecting Muslim as well as reminding them that these ploys are not simple historical happenings, but plots and schemes which reappear from time to time like Arabic proverb reads لكل قوم وارث - 'There are inheritors for every people (and their respective methodologies)'

~ Pivotal Quote ~

As such, (these previously mentioned plotters) say, 'A divide must be made between the scholars and the common folk,' and the manifestation of this 'divide' is that they say that the scholars 'have fallen short' and 'have not fulfilled their responsibilities'

Reminders & Quotes: Do Not Entrust Your Religion To Every Claimant of Knowledge - Ibn Rajab

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quote0239 do not entrust your religion to every claimant of knowledge eng

quote0239 do not entrust your religion to every claimant of knowledge ar

Lenience and Accommodation of Innovation and its People (Part 1) - Abu Isma’eel Mustafa George DeBerry

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Abū Ismāʾīl Muṣṭafá George refutes the absurd claim that his speech against Ṭāhir Wyatt was baseless. On the contrary, Mustafa gifts the reader with numerous evidences from the Book of Allāh, the Sunnah and the speech of the scholars in relation to these fundamental principles where Ṭāhir and others have clearly erred; thus providing the reader with a clearer understanding regarding their errors and deviation. 

The "praise or promotion of Ṭāhir Wyatt" has not been discussed here, rather the affair is "much greater than that."