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Event: LIVE Tele-Lecture - The Importance of Being Qualified Before Putting Oneself Forward by Shaykh 'Abdullah Sulfeeq adh-Dhafeeree

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Bismillāh wa-Alḥamdulillāh wa Ṣalātu wa Salaam 'alā Rasūlillāh 'amma ba'd

Muwahhideen Publications has organized a very important LIVE Tele-Lecture with the Noble Shaykh 'Abdullāh Ibn Ṣulfīq aẓ-Ẓafirī, entitled, "The Importance of Being Qualified Before Putting Oneself Forward." This lecture will address an extremely pertinent issue in our time where so many beginner students of knowledge who have read a few books and called a few mashāyikh on the phone have now put themselves forward in affairs of the da'wah, ahead of many of the elders and seniors who have decades of experience. This phenomenon has caused immense harm in the da'wah and has spread fitnah across the Salafī communities simply because these individuals do not know their correct place, wa Allahul Musta'an. Tune in LIVE for insight into this extremely important clarification

This lecture event will be translated LIVE into English In shā`Allāh.

"Over the past 5-7 or so years, the Salafi da‘wah has grown both online and on the ground and now represents a large digital content base and an online/offline event base. By content, we mean what is published online whether audio, video or text. By event, we mean the events taking place such as durus, conferences, seminars, tele-links and the likes within the growing number of Salafi marakiz and masajid across the UK, US and elsewhere. Within this context, there are certain trends that have taken place during this time period and it is important for us to be aware of them as their harm upon the da‘wah is tangible and real.

The first is the wholesale, large-scale, systematic copying and reproducing of Salafi content as a means of developing alternative platforms of content delivery which then compete with the very sources from which the content was taken without permission overwhelmingly. Then, manipulation through the use of SEO tactics via social media and organized blog networks to ensure that all traffic goes back to this new platform and not to the original content producers. There are numerous harms in this as has been highlighted elsewhere." [Written by Abu Iyād Amjad Rafīq on the 28th Ramadan 1437H]

The Shaykh is the Imām of Masjid Mu'āwiyyah Ibn Abī Sufyān in Ḥafar al-Bāṭin, K.S.A. The Shaykh is well known to the major scholars of our time, like Shaykh Rabī' Ibn Hādī al-Madkhalī and Shaykh 'Ubayd al-Jābirī (May Allāh preserve them both). Shaykh 'Abdullāh aẓ-Ẓafirī is also a professor at The Islāmic University in Ḥafar al-Bāṭin and is very active is da’wah throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and outside of it. He participates in conferences alongside the major scholars, like Shaykh Rabī',Shaykh 'Ubayd and Shaykh Muḥammad Ibn Hādī (May Allāh preserve them all), and these major scholars also attend his masjid to give lessons as well.

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Wa Billāhi Tawfīq

Wa ṢallAllāhu wa Sallama wa Bārak 'alā Nabiyyinā Muḥammad wa 'alā 'Ālihi wa Ṣaḥbihi wa Sallam