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Truth has Come and Falsehood has Vanished [Sooratul-Israa', 17:81]

Audio: An Encouragement To Begin Seeking Knowledge In Our Localities First by Hasan as-Somali

logo redDuring Mpubs' seminar entitled "Fundamental Beliefs of a Muslim" in August 2018, our teacher and elder Ḥasan as-Ṣomālī, was asked a question regarding traveling and seeking knowledge with the scholars. Our teacher encouraged the brothers to begin by seeking knowledge in the lessons that are present in the area and vicinity in which they live. He highlighted the fact that knowledge is sought in stages, and he mentioned the ḥadīth  that the most beloved actions to Allāh are the small deeds done consistently. A beautiful encouragement, May Allāh bless him.  

Audio: Advice To The Brothers and Sisters in Tobago, The Caribbean and America by Shaykh 'Ubayd al-Jaabiree

MPlogo redOn Sunday 1st April 2018 our Shaykh and father ʿUbayd Ibn ʿAbd Allāh al-Jābirī (حفظه الله) delivered a beautiful tele-lecture for Mpubs' seminar with our beloved brother Abū Idrīs Muḥmmad ibn Aslam Khan in Masjid Ibn ʿAbbās, Tobago. At the conclusion of of his scholarly dissertation he gave a poignant advice to the the brothers and sisters of Tobago, the Caribbean and America. 

From the advices given:

  • enjoin the good, forbid the evil with wisdom and fair preaching
  • be good neighbours
  • avoid delving into the affairs of politics
  • call people to the worship of Allāh

Stay informed insha'Allaah!



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