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Truth has Come and Falsehood has Vanished [Sooratul-Israa', 17:81]

Event: LIVE Weekly Online Class with Shaykh Saalim Baamihriz - Explanation of The Superiority of Islaam of Shaykh al-Islaam Muhammad Ibn 'AbdulWahhaab


Weekly 20151005 Sh SABM

Bismillāh wa-Alḥamdulillāh wa Ṣalātu wa Salaam 'alā Rasūlillāh 'amma ba'd

Muwahhideen Publications is pleased to announce a new weekly class with the Noble Shaykh Sālim Ibn ‘Abd Allāh Bāmiḥriz (May Allāh Preserve Him) who is originally from Yemen and currently based in Riyāḍ, This web class commences on Monday 5th October, 2015 and will continue every other Monday thereafter by the Permission of Allāh.

View Shaykh Hanī Burayk’s recommendation for the Shaykh here: http://imam-malik.net/vb/showthread.php?p=28891#post28891

This weekly class will be translated LIVE into English In shā` Allāh.

Stay informed insha'Allaah!



More info on Muwahhideen Recordings coming soon insha'Allaah.

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